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OSCOLA referencing guide (Online): Repeating Citations

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Subsequent citations

  • The first time a source is mentioned, you must give the citation in full.
  • In subsequent citations, briefly identify the source, and give the footnote number where the full citation can be found. See the example in the Subsequent citation of a case box below.
  • If a subsequent citation IMMEDIATELY follows the full citation, you can use ibid.

See the boxes below for examples of subsequent citations for a case, a piece of legislation and a book.

Subsequent citation of a case

Full citation

1Phelps v Hillington LBC [2001] 2 AC 619 (HL).

Subsequent citation immediately after the full citation:

2 ibid.

. . .

Subsequent citation using shortened form of case name and a cross-citation to footnote 1 where the full citation can be found

10 Phelps (n 1).  

Subsequent citation of legislation

Full citation with name of statute and shortened version:

32 Nuclear Installations Act 1965 (NIA 1965) s 7(1). 

. . .

Subsequent citation using shortened version of the statute 

40 NIA 1965, s 12. 

Subsequent citation of a book

Full citation:

3 Jonathan Herring, Medical Law (OUP 2011) 52. 

. . .

Authors' surname and cross-citation to footnote number 3:

26 Herring (n 3) 125. 

Original source cited again but with different page numbers:

27 ibid 271-78.