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OSCOLA referencing guide (Online): Cases before 1865

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Cases before 1865

  • Before 1865 and the start of the 'official' Law Reports series, cases were reported by individuals and collectively known as the 'nominate reports' and were later reprinted in the English Reports series.
  • If a judgment is reprinted in the English Reports, you should give the citation in the nominate reports first followed by the English Reports.
  • Use a comma to separate the two different reports unless there is a pinpoint, in which case use a semi-colon to divide the nominate from the English Reports citation.

Below are examples of how to reference a case with neutral citations as a footnote and in the bibliography.



Examples of  nominate reports reprinted in the English Report series:

Hugh v Jones (1863) 1 Hem & M 765, 71 ER 335.

Henly v Mayor of Lyme (1828) 5 Bing 91, 107; 130 ER 995,1001.


The only differences are that case names are not italicised, pinpointing is not used and there is no full stop at the end of the reference.


Hugh v Jones (1863) 1 Hem & M 765, 71 ER 335

Henly v Mayor of Lyme (1828) 5 Bing 91, 107; 130 ER 995