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OSCOLA referencing guide (Online): Command Papers

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Command Papers

A command paper is a document issued by the UK Government and presented to Parliament.

White papers, green papers, treaties, government responses, draft bills, reports from Royal Commissions, reports from independent inquiries and various government organisations can be released as command papers, so called because they are presented to Parliament formally "By Her Majesty's Command".

To reference information from a Command Paper, you need to include the Author and the title in italics, followed by the Command paper number and year in brackets.

Format: Author, Title (Command Paper number, year)

Example: Secretary of State for the Home Department, Identity Cards: The Next Steps (Cm 6020, 2003).

Be careful to note the abbreviation for a Command Paper as shown on its title page. There have been six series of Command Papers and each series has its own unique abbreviation.

There is no change in format between a footnote reference and a bibliography entry.

Abbreviations for the Command Paper Series

First Series 1 - 4222 1833 - 1869
Second Series C 1 - C 9550 1870 - 1899
Third Series Cd 1 - Cd 9239 1900 - 1918
Fourth Series Cmd 1 - Cmd 9889 1919 - 1956
Fifth Series Cmnd 1 - Cmnd 9927 1956 - 1986
Sixth Series Cm 1 - Cm 9756

1986 - 2018

Seventh Series CP 1 - 2019 -