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OSCOLA referencing guide (Online): Legislation

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

EU Legislation

EU legislation includes treaties and protocols. Legislation is published in the L series.

Format: Title of the legislation including amendments if necessary | [year] | OJ series | issue/first page 

Examples: Protocol to the Agreement on the Member States that do not fully apply the Schengen acquis-Joint Declarations [2007] OJ L129/35.

Consolidated Version of the Treaty on European Union [2008] OJ C115/13.

As of 1 Jan 2015 the numbering of EU legislation has changed and EU legislation now has a unique sequential number.

Regulations, Directives, Decisions, Recommendation and Opinions

Format: Legislation type | number | title | [year] | OJ L issue/first page 

Example of directive: Council Directive 2002/60/EC of 27 June 2002 laying down specific provisions for the control of African swine fever and amending Directive 92/119/EEC as regards Teschen disease and African swine fever [2002] OJ L192/27

(Note the year comes before the running number in citations to Directives.)

Example of a regulation: Council Regulation (EC) 1984/2003 of 8 April 2003 introducing a system for the statistical monitoring of trade in bluefin tuna, swordfish and big eye tuna with the Community [2003] OJ L295/1.

(Note the year follows the running number in citations to regulations).

Example of legislation from 2015 onwards: Decision 2019/326 on Measures for Entering the Data in the Entry/Exit System [2019] OJ L057/5.

There is no difference between footnotes and the bibliography except that there is a full stop at the end of the citation in the footnote.