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APA (7th ed.) referencing guide (Online): Ted Talk

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

TED talk

Below you will find guidance and examples of how to set out a reference to a TED talk in the body of your work and in the reference list at the end.

In text citations: TED Talk from the TED website


Cuddy (2012) describes...
...(Cuddy, 2012).

In text citations: TED Talk from YouTube


TED (2019) states that...
...(TED, 2019).

NB: When the speaker is not listed as the author, integrate their name into the narrative if desired: 

Shane explained that the artificial intelligence technically “did what they asked it to do—they just accidentally asked it to do the wrong thing” (TED, 2019, 8:51). 

Reference: TED Talk from the TED website

Speaker. (Year, Month Day). Title [Video]. TED Conferences. URL 


Cuddy, A. (2012, June). Your body language may shape who you are [Video]. TED Conferences. 

Reference list: TED Talk from YouTube

TED. (Year, Month Day). Title | Speaker [Video]. YouTube. URL 


TED. (2019, November 13). The danger of AI is weirder than you think | Janelle Shane [Video]. YouTube. 

NB: When the TED Talk is on YouTube, list the owner of the YouTube account (here, TED) as the author to aid in retrieval.