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APA (7th ed.) referencing guide (Online): Images

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Images and Tables

Figures include graphs, images, charts, maps, screenshots, photographs, drawing etc. Tables include text and/or numbers that are arrange in columns and rows.  It is important to note that this guidance is for unpublished works only (written assignments and classroom activities).

Image / Table

The first figure (graph, chart, image) you include in your assignment should be labelled as Figure 1 in bold and aligned with the left hand margin. Following this there should be a colon, then the title of the figure with the first letter of all of the important words capitalised.

A general note should be placed underneath the figure/table.  This should be italicised and left aligned. The note should explain the figure/table (measurements, symbols and abbreviations etc) and include any acknowledgements that the figure/table is adapted from another source. Explanations of abbreviations and copyright attributions should be placed last in the note.

Caption Reference for a Figure

A table is referenced using the same format. Each should then include your in-text citation to enable the user to identify the source in the reference list/bibliography.

Caption Reference for a Table

Subsequent tables, graphs or charts should then be labelled  Figure 2 or Table 2 depending on the content, then Figure 3 or Table 3 and so on, with each having a description of the content.

APA suggests you reference tables and figures you have reproduced or adapted from another source in a general note below the table or figure. But for academic assignments not intended for publication, it is sufficient to cite the source as you would a quotation, by using brackets next to the caption with the author's last name, date, and page number. As always, it is best to check with your lecturer or course coordinator about their referencing preference.

Using original images (Created by you)

If you are using your own images (eg: own photograph) you just need to include a caption. There is no need for an in-text citation or to include in your reference list.

Reference list

Author/Creator. (Year). Title [Medium ie: Photograph, Digital image].  URL


Swansea University. (n.d.). Swansea University library [Photograph].

In text copyright statement

For the full details on writing copyright statements in text, please visit the APA Blog and read the examples they have provided.

If you do include figures and tables please ensure you work within copyright legislation.  Further information from Swansea University can be found on our Copyright: Using Images pages.

The Use of Images

It is advisable to check your module documents to ensure that the use of Images and Tables in your work within the module is accepted. Some Colleges prefer you to cite the information in your document and include the reference in your reference list rather than placing an image in your work.