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Vancouver referencing guide (Online): Page numbers

Mae’r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg


Page numbers should not be repeated except where followed by a letter. For example, 255-9 but 255A-259A.


Page number references are rarely included when citing within the text or an assignment or essay when using Vancouver style.  However, for quotations,or if you wish to be specific regarding the source of information, quotations or statistics, page or figure numbers may be given as below.


The incidence of the syndrome was rare. [12(fig4)]

Pagination not given

If pagination is not given, count or estimate the number of pages and enter the number in square brackets preceded by about e.g. [6 p.] or [about 3 p.]. If the online journal uses another system (e.g. article number) use that and follow with the number of pages in the pdf in square brackets.