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iFind Reading: Publish

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Publishing Your List

Reading Lists must be published in order for them appear on your modules on Canvas and for students to be able to search for them in iFind Reading and add them to their Collection

By publishing the List you also send all the items to the Library for processing, in order for citations to be fulfilled by the Library. 
You may also send individual items or sections of your lists to the Library for processing. 

Publish Your List

Reading Lists need to be published in order for them to be visible to your students. 

An unpublished list will have a Draft status. 

To publish a list, select the Reading List Options menu and choose Publish

A popup will appear for you to select the readership of the list:

  • Module students - anyone enrolled on your module. This is the default option
  • All students at the institution - anyone studying at Swansea University. This will help students considering modules for the next academic year to see module content. 
  • Anyone - Public. 

Select your preferred option and click Confirm

This will also send any items not already sent to the Library for processing. 

The List will now have a status of Published

Students will now be able to find the find the list and add it to their Collection, it will also be visible on your Canvas module. 

(To unpublish a list, select the Reading List Options menu and choose Unpublish.)

Student Preview Mode

You can view a Reading List as it will be displayed to your students. 

Select the options menu and select View list as a student. 

The Reading List will now display in the student View.
To exit select the cross in the blue 'Student view mode' banner at the base of the screen.