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iFind Reading: Edit your List

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Editing Your List

You may edit your List and the Items within your Lists. 

Creating List Sections

Click on a reading list in My Lists to open it and click New Section.

Give your section a title and an optional description.

You can also enter start and end dates for each section. If you only want students to see a section during these dates then you can tick the box for Section visible only during these dates.

Click Create to finish adding the section. You can continue to add more sections as needed.

Moving items

Items can simply be dragged and dropped into a list, or between sections of a list.

Removing Items

Items can be easily removed from a List by selecting the item options menu and choosing Delete Item

Editing items

You can edit the bibliographic information for items in your lists by clicking on the options menu and selecting Edit item

Edit item menu

Here you can amend the item type, for example specifying Book Chapter if there is a specific chapter required for reading.

Edit item screen

Select Save when complete. 

List Advisor

When you edit a reading list you will see List Advisor.
Click on Make this list better to display List Advisor’s recommendations for improving your reading list. These are optional, but they will help you to explore some useful features in iFind Reading.

Reading List advisor function