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APA (6th ed.) referencing guide (Online): Author with two or more works cited in the same year

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Author with two or more works cited in the same year

Below you will find guidance and examples of how to set out a reference to a journal article where the author has two or more works cited in the same year in the body of your work and in the reference list at the end.

In text citations

Use lower case letters (a, b, etc.) to distinguish between works published in the same year by the same author(s).

Koriat (2008a) states that… this was supported by Koriat (2008b) …

Reference list

The suffixes are assigned in the reference list, where these kind of references are ordered alphabetically by title (of the article, chapter, or complete work).

​Koriat, A. (2008a). Easy comes, easy goes? The link between learning and remembering and its exploitation 

           in metacognition. Memory & Cognition, 36, 416-428. doi:10.3758/MC.36.2.416

Koriat, A. (2008b). Subjective confidence in one's answers: The consensuality principle. Journal of Experimental Psychology: ​

Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 34, 945-959. doi: 10.1037/2078-7393.34.4.945