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iFind Reading Lists: Requesting Digitisation

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg


This section of our guide looks at creating digital scans for online reading lists under the terms of the CLA Licence

About the Library Scanning Service

The Library Scanning Service produce digital copies from library print content so that your students can benefit from online access to high-demand course reading. In line with the University’s Digital Transformation Strategy, we deliver content to support an interactive, engaging, and flexible learning environment.

We provide:

  • High-quality digital copies in text-searchable PDF format.
  • Digital scans are copyright compliant, securely stored and reported under the terms of the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Higher Education Licence.
  • User-friendly links to the scans in your iFind reading list to enable quick online access for students enrolled on your module.
  • Usage statistics to inform your teaching.

In order to comply with CLA HE licence, teaching staff must not make or upload their own digital copies of published content.
All digital copies must be
authorised and made by the Library Scanning Service.

Digitisation Requests - what can I ask for?

The CLA HE Licence covers re-use of limited extracts from most printed books, journals and magazines published in the UK, plus many overseas publications. The Licence is subject to individual publisher agreements with the CLA.

  • Copies can only be made from content held by Swansea University libraries or from a copyright fee paid extract (CFP).
  • There is no charge for providing regular digital scans for your reading list.
  • Where we only hold an original digital copy in Library stock we expect you to link to the item via the iFind library record.

Extent limits are applicable:

  • Extracts must not exceed more than 10% or one chapter (whichever is greater);
  • One article in a single issue from a journal or set of conference proceedings;
  • One single case from a published report of judicial proceedings; 
  • One scene from a play, or one short story or one poem or one play not exceeding 10 pages in length contained in an anthology;
  • Sheet music is not included within the CLA licence.

Please note that we are not permitted to make digital copies from publications held in your own personal collection, inspection copies, or copies obtained via inter-library loan for your own personal use. Using the Library Scanning Service for making digital copies is not to be used as textbook substitution and you should continue to recommend essential texts for purchase. Digital copies should be deleted at the end of the course, unless required for use during the following academic year.

Textbook Substitution

The CLA has created a Good Practice Guide for avoiding textbook substitution. 
No combination of digital or photocopied extracts should make purchasing core module textbooks unnecessary.
We monitor reading lists for potential textbook substitution when processing digitisation requests.

Find help for this service

The Document Supply Services team can provide advice and support with:

  • Guidance on complying with the CLA Licence.
  • Progress updates for your active digitisation requests.
  • Assist with possible solutions where digitisation is not permitted under the CLA licence.

Please email the team at  Phone: +44 (0)1792 295045

Information on copyright is available from the Copyright Library Guide

Don't have an iFind reading list?

To request digital copies, your module must have an associated iFind Reading list.

iFind Reading supports the student digital experience by providing direct access to electronic content, live information on item availability, and integrated request options.

Click on the About iFind Reading tab at the top of this guide to get started on creating your list. For additional assistance, please contact your Library Subject Team.

Placing a request via iFind Reading

Making a digitisation request is simple:

1. Use Search to add a book or print journal to your reading list.

2. Click Edit on the citation and change its Type to Book Chapter or Article.

3. Input the title, author, and page range.

4. Add a Digitisation-Request tag and click Save.


Top Tip

If you want to recommend the whole book to students in addition to digitising a chapter, add both Book and Book Chapter citations to your list.


Top Tip

Leave a note in the citation’s Library Discussion thread to alert Library staff to any additional requirements.


Please allow 5 working days for your request to be fulfilled. The Library Scanning Service will create a direct link to the digital copy from your reading list. This will appear below the citation as View Online, allowing students to access it at any time.

Copyright: The first page of the digital copy will display a copyright notice with terms of use. The copy must only be downloaded or printed by staff and students enrolled on the specified module.

Copying from Newspapers

The University's basic licence from the Newspaper Licensing Agency covers copying for teaching and learning purposes from national UK newspapers and 5 regional titles.  It does not cover foreign newspapers.

For further information about the licence for educational establishments, please visit the NLA Media Access website.