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iFind Reading: Add items

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Adding items to your list

iFind Reading has several ways of importing content into your Reading Lists:  

  • You can gather items whilst you are searching the web or online resources and then add them to a list later. 
  • You may also work directly from your Reading List to search and import items from iFind into your list. 

Cite it! is the easiest way to add resources to your Reading Lists. 

You can add resources to your collection as you browse, and manage them later, including resources not available on iFind such as YouTube Clips. 

To install the bookmarklet tool, click on your name in the top right corner of the Reading Lists screen and select Cite It

Then follow the instructions to drag and drop the Cite It! bookmarklet into your bookmarks/favorites bar. 

Cite it! bookmarklet popup

You will then see it appear in your bookmarks bar.

To add an item you are currently looking at to your reading list, click Cite It! on from your Bookmarks and a pop-up appears with the item’s details. (You may need to manually edit some fields if the source data is not complete)

Cite it pop up to add item to list

If the item is already available from the library, iFind Reading recognizes this and displays the “covered by your library” indication. This applies to both books and articles!

You can add the citation either to your collection in iFind Reading, making it available to add to your lists later; or directly to your reading list by clicking List and selecting the list, and then section within the list.

If you want to add this item to several lists click Add, and then repeat with another list; otherwise simply click Add and Close.

My Collection is your own personal library of citations. You can use My Collection to save resources that you would like to access later. These resources can be anything from a book, a journal article, a YouTube video, a webpage, etc.

You can access My Collection by selecting the My Collection tab on the Left side navigation panel. This button opens My Collection in the main part of your screen. Here you can add and delete items from your collection.

In My Collection, click on the Add Item button and do a Search to add items. You can also add items to My Collection using the Cite it button in your browser.

To keep track of the items in your personal collection, add tags to your readings and then filter by them. Tags and Private Notes in My Collection are private and will not be visible if the item is added to a Reading List. Any tag with more than one word needs to be joined by a hyphen or underscore.

Add items from iFind

To add an item to your Reading List whilst in iFind Reading click on the plus icon.

Here you can search the all library’s resources (including articles) using ‘Simple Search’ or  ‘Advanced Search’.

Add items button and search bar

Once your results appear, you can drag and drop items into the Reading List 
Or select an item and additional options will display, select a List section, and click Add to List

Student Preview Mode

You can view a Reading List as it will be displayed to your students. 

Select the options menu and select View list as a student. 

The Reading List will now display in the student View.
To exit select the cross in the blue 'Student view mode' banner at the base of the screen.


You can provide additional information by clicking on an item and adding a note

  • Public notes can be viewed by anyone and display beneath the item details on your list
  • Private notes can only be viewed by yourself
  • Library discussion can be used to send comments on an item to Library staff