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Modern Languages and Translation Studies: French

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Start with the catalogue

     iFind is the main way to search resources provided by Swansea University Library. 

     You can use the search box below or go directly to it via the Library home page, your MyUni page or

                                                                 Click on the this box's tabs above for more help with using iFind.

This guide will help you use our catalogue more effectively.

These tutorials cover: 

  • Search options
  • Search tips
  • Understanding your results
  • iFind login (to request items, renew and check what items you have on loan)
  • Saving searches and alerts
  • iFind Favourites
  • How to borrow, return and find items
  • How to print, scan, photocopy, add credit to your student card

This guide shows you how to find an item in the library.

Swansea University Library operates an Unlimited  Automatic Renewal System meaning items on loan from the library will be automatically renewed until they are returned.  Unless they are requested!

It is, therefore, very important that you Request the books you want if they're out on loan.

If you don't, the library has no way of knowing you need them and they will continue to stay with the reader who currently has them.

This video shows you how to request a book which is currently out on loan.

Once you have requested an item it will be recalled for you and you can collect it from the Information Desk as soon as it is back in the Library.

If the resource you need for your studies is not held in the Library our Document Supply Service can check to see if they can get it for you from another library.

If you would like to suggest an item for purchase by the Library, please submit a request for us to consider.

Key Resources for French

Books and journals relevant to French are in various parts of the library.   Most are at these locations:

  Subject Call number range Location
  French History, Society and Culture DC Level 2 West
  French Language PC2001-3761 Level 1 West
  Film PN1993 Level 1 West
  French Literature PQ1-3999 Level 1 West


Below is a sample of key e-Book Collections for French. 

For the complete list please use the Subject Resources box on the right.

For help using any of our e-Book platforms click here

All journals that we pay for are listed on iFind, the library catalogue. (please use the box above)

If you have a reference on a reading list etc. you can go straight to iFind and do a 'Journal Title' search for the journal.  

iFind also includes details of individual articles - click on the Articles & more tab to search these.  If you want to search for articles on a particular topic select 'anywhere in the record'.  If you want to search for a specific article, select 'in the title' and enter the title of the article.   You can also search for articles by a particular author, select 'as author/creator' to do this.  

Note:  Your results will include articles from newspapers as well as from journals.

Even though you can use iFind to locate journal articles on a topic or by a particular author, if you want to carry out a more thorough search it is better to use electronic databases.  

Some of these databases (e.g. JSTOR) contain full-text articles, while others (e.g the MLA Bibliography and Web of Science) contain only a citation (or record) and abstract (a summary) of the article.  In this case you will often see a 'iGetIt'  link which you can click on to see if we hold the article here.

A few of the main databases for finding journal articles are listed below. 

For the complete list please use the Subject Resources box on the right.

To use most databases on- or off-campus you need to use your Swansea University login details.  Ask at the Library Desk if you have a problem with this or email      

Recent newspapers (current 3 months only), such as Le Monde: sélection hebdomadaire, can be found on the News Rack on Level 4 West (the Gallery).

For back-issues and a wider selection of foreign language newspapers please use the databases below. 

Below is a sample of useful web resources for French. 

Finding Articles & Print Journals

Try this online exercise to sharpen your search skills and get you looking for journal articles.

Subject Resources for French

Click on the button below to see a list of all our databases relevant to French.

Refine your search further by choosing a Type of database from the All Database Types drop-down list.  

Subject Resources for French

Should you experience a problem accessing our Subject Resources please check our ISS Service Status pages to see if the problem has already been reported.

If it has not been reported yet, please email us.

Reference Books

Reference books are often particularly useful when you are beginning to look for information on a topic.  Our Study Hall Reference Collection contains many reference works useful for French.

Most French general language dictionaries are in the Study Hall Reference Collection at call numbers beginning with PC.

Business dictionaries are at HB, HD and HF1002.

Dictionaries on science and technology are at Q and T.

Was everything OK?

Any comments regarding the use of this guide?  Please let us know.