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Academic Staff Support Guide: Welcome

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Welcome to our Academic Staff Support Guide

Swansea University Libraries welcome you to our Academic Support Guide.  You will find information for key services and support, as well as contacts for further information.

Swansea University Libraries have qualified Faculty and Subject Librarians providing library staff and student engagement and support for the university’s learning, teaching and research needs. We specialise in embedding information and digital literacy into the curriculum and offer bespoke training and 1-2-1 for students and staff.  We can guide you in creating and maintaining your reading lists and help ensure that the Library acquires appropriate resources to enhance your students' learning. 

Academic Liaison and Subject Librarians are your partners in enabling your students to reach their highest academic achievement.  We are also here for you as an academic, supporting your needs during your career pathway and research progression.

Online Training

There is now a new frontline team for IT Services. For help with IT queries, please log a call via the ServiceNow portal.

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