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Management: Data

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Find Data & Statistics

Whether you want to locate a whole dataset or you just need a few statistics to illustrate a point, the following resources are useful and authoritative sources:

Type of data Database
Choosing a resource by data type:
Company data: UK & Ireland

FAME: Financial Analysis Made Easy

Thomson Eikon

Nexis UK

Mergers & Acquisitions; Deals; IPOs: global


Thomson Eikon

Nexis UK

Financial data for banks and other financial institutions S&P Global
Economics, Equities, Stock & Bond Market Indices, Exchange rates, Interest rates: global Thomson Eikon (incorporating Datastream)

Economic & Financial data: global

UK government survey data

UK Data Service

All topics (Economy; Business, Industry & Trade; Employment & Labour Market; Health; Education; Population; Welfare): United Kingdom

Office for National Statistics

All topics: Europe Eurostat
Contains information on accounting standards to ensure uniformity in financial reporting.  Keeping up to date is an essential part of compliance. Wiley IFRS
Market research data (market sizes, market segmentation, market share, forecasts, compound annual growth rates: global

Mintel Market Sizes


Why use FAME?


  • FAME has financial data on 180,000 large UK & Irish companies, with turnover of £1.5 million and more.
  • Balance sheet, Profit & Loss, Financial ratios and much more
  • Includes active & dormant companies.
  • In-built analysis tools.
  • Covers last 10 years.
  • Updated daily.

FAME enables the user to:

  • Search for a single UK or Irish company by name and retreive the full financial report (balance sheet) and export it to Excel as a saved file.
  • Search for companies by a combination of various criteria such as location, size or industry sector.
  • Compare a company with 9 others in it's peer group (a peer group is defined by size, industry and annual turnover).
  • Analyze data using various methods: segmentation analysis, aggregation analysis, concentration analysis, linear regression and statistical distribution.

Help with FAME:

Why use Zephyr?

  • Data on Mergers & Acquisitions, IPOs, private equity and venture capital deals.
  • Information on around 1.4 million deals and rumours.
  • Updated hourly
  • Trusted data from Bureau Van Dijk, financial data experts.

What can I do?

  • Search by hundreds of criteria.
  • Do a detailed analysis on a set of deals.
  • Create graphs.
  • Set up alerts so you are alerted when  there are new deals.

Help with Zephyr:

  • More advanced help from the supplier, Bureau Van Dijk: log into Zephyr and click on Help> Zephyr Help.
  • You Tube video created by the Winspear Business Library at the University of Alberta - this video offers a useful overview but as a SU user you should access Zephyr via Swansea's website, not via University of Alberta's website.
  • Email your Swansea University library team for the School of Management on 

Content and features

  • Financial modelling
  • Datastream macroeconomic analysis
  • Company profiles
  • Emerging markets coverage
  • Reuters news and analytics
  • Fundamentals

Help and support

Thomson Reuters has a comprehensive training suite for Eikon at


Thomson Reuters Eikon can only be accessed on specific PCs in the Bay Library. Whilst there is limited access to our libraries it is possible to access these Eikon PCs remotely. Please email for further information.


S&P Global (formerly SNL Financial)

  • S&P Global provides financial data for over 50,000 banks and financial institutions
  • Global coverage
  • Create alerts
  • News and reports about relevant companies and markets
  • In-built analysis tools

Why use Nexis UK?

  • Industry reports and analysis
  • Company profiles
  • Mergers and acquisitions news
  • Financial reports (for UK and non-UK companies)

Why use UK Data Service?

  • It is the UK's largest collection of economic and social science datasets, free to access for UK Higher Education users.
  • A trusted source of official and academic data.
  • Includes both quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Includes data from large-scale UK annual surveys, such as the Labour Force Survey, the Living Costs and Food Survey, Family Expenditure Survey, the National Travel Survey and Living in Wales Survey, plus more...
  • Includes international macrodata from international organizations such as the IMF, OECD and World Bank and more...
  • UK Census data from 1971 onwards to 2011. More...
  • Qualitative and Mixed methods research data, for example Retail Competition and Consumer Choice and more...

Help using the UK Data Service

The School of Management offers access to several expert financial databases. See the table below for a list of databases and their coverage.

WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services) is a platform that hosts the financial databases provided by the School of Management. To access the databases you will need to to apply for a WRDS account.

  • Go to
  • Next to the “Sign In” tab, you will see a tab entitled “Register” – click on this tab.
  • Fill out the account request form.
  • Click the “Submit” button.

Note: You must also agree to the WRDS Terms of Use to complete your account application.

Need help? For support using the databases take a look at the 'support' in WRDS and the online manuals within each database. If you need further assistance please talk to your personal tutor.





geography & time period

Compustat: Research Insight North America

  • Data from S & P
  • Balance sheets
  • Financial ratios & Growth rates
  • Float shares
  • Financial Services
  • Securities
  • Credit ratings

United States



  • CSMAR China Stock Market Trading Database
  • China Stock Market Financial Statements Database
  • China Stock Market Financial Database-Analyst Forecasts
  • China Listed Firm’s Cash and Stock Dividends Research Database
  • China Listed Firm’s Corporate Governance Research Database
  • China Stock Market Financial Database-Statements Release Database
  • China Listed Firm’s M&A and Asset Restructuring Research Database
  • China Listed Firm’s Seasoned Equity Offering Research Database
  • China Listed Firm’s Initial Public Offering Research Database-A, B shares
  • Institutional Investor Database
  • China Listed Firm’s Shareholders Research Database
  • Chinese Overseas Listed Company Research Database
  • China Funds Market Research Database
  • Stock, Funds, Bonds & Derivatives markets
  • Listed companies
  • Economics
  • Industry research
  • Money markets


1990- present

WRDS also provides access to:

  • OTC,
  • TRACE,
  • RepRisk,
  • Bank Regulatory,
  • FDIC,
  • Federal Reserve Bank Reports,
  • Blockholders,
  • CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange),
  • DMEF (Direct Marketing Educational Foundation),
  • Dow Jones,
  • Fama French Portfolios,
  • IRI,
  • Penn World Tables,
  • Philadelphia Stock Exchange’s
  • SEC Disclosure of Order Execution