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About E-Theses at Swansea University

Mediated E-Thesis deposit service for Swansea University        
This is an official service in association with Academic Services and Faculty Administrators.
 From October 2017, all PhD and professional doctorate students are required to provide an electronic version of their PhD upon successful completion of their studies.  
From October 2021, all levels of research degree theses, including PhD, Professional Doctorates, MPhil, Masters of Research and MRes. must be deposited as an electronic version upon successful completion of their studies.
Deposit is not required if you are completing a postgraduate taught degree.


  • There is an expectation that the full-text e-thesis are deposited in the Research Information System (RIS) for preservation as an institutional record.
  • The E-Thesis will be added by the repository administrator to the Research Information System (RIS). An author’s deposit agreement is required before public release of the full-text e-version via Cronfa the institutional repository. 
    • Library-mediated release will facilitate version control checks, third party content copyright compliance and technical deposit checks.
    • It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure any third party copyright material owned by a third party has been cleared. Further information is provided in 'Keeping Your thesis Legal'. You may choose to release a redacted version of the work if this is appropriate.
    • Full-text open access in the repository is required unless an embargo period is requested.
  • Students in receipt of a UKRI doctoral training grant are expected to comply with the policy on open access (TGC 11.5) and must release a full text version of the completed PhD in a repository within 12 months

  • Students who are funded independently or by Swansea University are required to comply with the Swansea University Student IP Policy and permit the full-text e-thesis to be available in Cronfa unless they are prohibited from doing so by a commercial sponsor.
  • The full-text version of the thesis will be made available online in accordance with any conditions stipulated by the author on the E-Thesis deposit agreement form:
    • The bibliographic record and abstract will be made immediately available.
    • We will mint a unique DOI, or Digital Object Identifier to permanently identify your thesis and link to it on the web.  Example DOI  10.23889/SUthesis.52085
    • The author as copyright owner grants Swansea University a license to store a copy of their work and are free to publish the thesis elsewhere.
    • You may request the addition of a Creative Commons Licence for the e-thesis.
    • Electronic deposit in Cronfa complies with the UKRI open access policy for training grants and research data policies and Swansea University Academic Regulations.

Protecting Your Copyright

Copyright legislation protects your work and stops other people from using it without permission. Copyright restricts others from copying, distributing, renting or lending copies of your work. Performing, showing or playing the work in public, or making adaptations is also prevented.

An author of a work has a moral right to be identified as the creator of the work and has the right to object to derogatory use. Economic rights give the author exclusive rights to control and exploit their work whilst retaining ownership.

As copyright is an automatic right, you are not required to register ownership but you should assert this right to ensure protection of moral rights.

You may choose to add the © symbol to your work, together with your name and the year of creation, but this is optional.

'All Rights Reserved' - Any use requires permission unless a legal exception applies or 'Some Rights Reserved' - usually used with licensing information or specific terms of use.

Copyright statement

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons Licence