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Osteopatheg: Delweddau

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Dod o hyd i a defnyddio delweddau

Yma fe welwch restr o wefannau defnyddiol i chwilio am ddelweddau. Dylech bob amser briodoli ffynhonnell eich delwedd. Mae hyn yn golygu bod yn rhaid i chi ddyfynnu gyda chydnabyddiaeth ddigonol a'i gynnwys yn eich rhestr gyfeirio neu gyflwyniad. Bydd cadw cofnod cywir yn eich galluogi chi, neu rywun sy'n marcio'ch gwaith, i allu dod o hyd i'r ffynhonnell wreiddiol. Am fanylion ar sut i gyfeirio delweddau neu wybodaeth hawlfraint ewch i'r canllawiau perthnasol isod.

Gwefannau delwedd am ddim

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Nappy Stock Photos

Culturally diverse photos of black and brown people.

Licence conditions

All photos posted on Nappy are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) 

O ble mae'ch delwedd yn dod

Gwefannau delwedd arbenigol

Image by raphaelsilva from Pixaby

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MedPix Licence

"MedPix® images and case materials were contributed by many individuals. They are organized, reviewed, approved, and curated free of charge for your personal use and for local teaching at your institution - including distribution of handouts and syllabi. For anything other than personal use, you should respect the original contributor and contact them for additional permission requests." 

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