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Osteopathy: Books & e-books

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Finding a book using iFind

The Library & Information Centre @ Singleton Park is on 4 floors and is divided into East and West wings. You enter the library on level 3 of the West Wing. Books are arranged on the library shelves according to subject. Every subject has its own call number, and the call number will be found on the spine of each book.  

Take a look at our guides on how to use iFind, the library catalogue to search for resources.

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Useful Call Numbers for Osteopathy

Books specifically on Osteopathy are to be found at RZ241-RZ342. Many texts used by Osteopaths will also be found in RM701-RM725 (Manual Therapy), or RC 1200-RC1236 (Sports Science). These are all on Level 1 of the East Wing.

Anatomy books are located on the floor above (Level 2).

Here are some call numbers for Osteopathy-related texts to help get you started:

Clinically Oriented Texts

Topic Call number Location
Clinical Examination & History Taking RC76 East Level 1
Sports Science & Medicine RC1200-RC1236 East Level 1
Sports Injuries (Rehabilitation and Prevention) RD97 East Level 1
Taping Techniques RC113 East Level 1
Orthopaedics RC731 East Level 1
Orthopaedic Assessment RD734 East Level 1
Orthopaedic Manipulation RD736 East Level 1
Merck Manual RM127 East Level 1
Manual Therapy RM701-RM725 East Level 1
Spinal Manipulation RZ265 East Level 1
Osteopathic Medicine RZ241-RZ342 East Level 1

Anatomy, Physiology and Systems of the Body

Topic   Call number Location
Human Anatomy QM23-QM31 East Level 2
Skeletal Muscles QM151 East Level 2
Neuroanatomy QM451 East Level 2
Surface Anatomy QM531 East Level 2
Head & Neck Anatomy QM535 East Level 2
Human Physiology QP34-QP82 East Level 2
Cardiovascular System QP101 East Level 2
Respiratory System QP121 East Level 2
Musculoskeletal System, Biomechanics & Human Movement QP301-QP303                East Level 2
Neuroscience  QP356   East Level 2

Use iFind, the Library catalogue, to find the Call Number for specific titles and subject areas. The catalogue entry for each book on iFind has a "locate" link to show you a floor plan for the relevant area of the Library.

There are also many e-books which you can read online. These will all be listed in iFind, with links to online full-text. 


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