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Law: Finding Law Journals

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Finding Law Journals (Searching for Articles)

The Law Library subscribes to over 100 print and over 1500 electronic format Law Journals /Reviews .These are regularly produced scholarly publications focusing on legal issues. These articles in the law journals are peer reviewed - that is they are evaluated by other professionals  working in the same field. There may be individual journal titles recommended on your reading list or by your tutors.  You may also be given a full listing of specific articles to read  or simply asked to research for articles on a given subject. This page will help show you your options for tracking down the reading material you need.

You can most effectively track down the journal titles you want by searching iFind (the Library Catalogue).

Your reading lists for your various modules should be available on our modular catalogue. If not, please ask your tutor to include one. They are very useful and easy to create.

If you cannot find an item you are after on the Ifind catalogue you can apply for an Inter Library Loan

You can ask your lecturer or tutor to have popular journal article items scanned for your course reading purposes. Details available from the Scanning Service

If you require any help with these tasks or have any problems, just email your librarians -

Finding UK Law Articles

Google Scholar may also be a useful source for finding articles of interest however it won't access everything in the library’s subscription databases and not everything it shows is peer-reviewed

Also check out the widget on Key Resources tab above for comprehensive list of databases.

International Journals

International Journals from many jursidictions are also available in paper and electronic versions. Major sources include..

International Cases (Access from Westlaw UK- Choose Services- International Materials)

Click Sources- then choose Country

Finding Articles from a Journal Reference

You will soon notice that journal articles are each given a 'citation' to let you know where to find them. This normally includes an abbreviation of the law journal containing the article...the format is

If you do not know what the abbreviation means simply go to Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations. This site will help you find the full title of the law journal. Here the simple example of Yale LJ stands for Yale Law Journal .You could then go to the iFind catalogue and search for Yale Law Journal to see whether we have access to print, electronic or both versions. Paper copy Law Journals are kept in the Law Library (East wing level 4 and level 3) and are all non borrowable.

Often it is even quicker and easier to search for your article directly on the journal sections of databases (shown to the left) such as Westlaw, Lexis Library  and Hein using keywords from the author, title or subject. Here is an example...

If you have any difficulty finding the journal article you want , please contact your Law subject team at once.

Referencing Law Journals Using OSCOLA

The basic format for referencing a law journal in OSCOLA is shown below. The full OSCOLA guide is available from the Referencing tab above.

Browzine for Law Journals