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Criminology: Finding Criminology Books

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Looking for something to read?

You can check your module on our module catalog by clicking the link below to see if your reading list has been included. If not included, ask your tutor to include one. They are very useful and easy to create.

Where and how to find Criminology books

You will first need to find the book in the i-Find library catalogue and note the Call Number. Books are shelved by the Call Number.

Most Criminology books will be found in the following areas on Level 1 West of the Singleton Park Library:

Substance Abuse  HV4999 - HV5840

Criminology           HV6001 - HV7220

Causes of Crime    HV6115 - HV6190

Crimes & Offences HV6251 - HV6773

Criminal Justice      HV7231 - HV9960

Police                      HV7551 - HV8280

Prisons                    HV8301 - HV8665

Youth Offenders/Justice HV9051 - HV9960

E-Book collections

Click on the button below to see a list of all our e-book databases. Refine your search further by choosing a Subject from the drop-down list.

Click here for eBook databases

Criminology dictionaries and glossaries in the Library

The following is a short list of criminology dictionaries and glossaries located in the library that students may find useful:

Online Criminology dictionary and glossary