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Accounting and Finance: Research skills

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

MyUni Library Essentials course

MyUni Library Essentials includes a section on Researching. Follow the link below to learn how to plan a search strategy and conduct your search. (You need to log in to Canvas to access the link.)

Please follow the link to self-enrol on MyUni Library Essentials if you have not accessed the course before.

Search tips


  • Find the keywords for your assignment topic. Don’t type in a long sentence.
  • Are there synonyms or related terms (broader or more specific) that might be relevant?

Getting more results

  • You can use a truncation symbol (usually an asterisk *) to find different endings to your keyword. For example, searching for read* would find read, reading, reads, etc.
  • You can find alternative terms simultaneously by linking them with OR; for example, you could search for adolescent OR teenager.

Getting fewer results

  • If you get too many results try searching just the title or abstract rather than the full record. You should get fewer, more relevant results.
  • Use quotation marks if you want your search terms to appear as a phrase; for example "artificial intelligence"
  • Use the filter options down the side of the results page to make your search more specific

Critically appraising your sources is a crucial element of any literature search.  You need to consider is your sources are:

  • reliable
  • academic enough
  • Free from bias

Ask yourself the following questions about the information you have found.


  • Who is the author or organisation responsible for the information?
  • Are they qualified to write on this topic?


  • Is the information out of date?
  • Does it matter?

What sort of information?

  • Is it opinion or fact?
  • Is it reliable and independent?
  • Is it academic/research-focussed or commercial?

Centre for Academic Success

Centre for Academic Success

From help with structuring and writing assignments, to support with maths and stats, the Centre for Academic Success can help you. Click on the link below to find out more about their services:

Centre for Academic Success Image

Sage Research Methods

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and research

There are AI tools that can help you with your research. You will need to use your judgement to review the information they find as these tools are not always reliable. They should be used alongside more traditional literature searching techniques.

Remember you must use AI tools responsibly. As a general rule, you should say if you have used AI to help with your research and how you have used it. You should not use AI to write any parts of your assignment; submitted work should be original. Check for guidance on AI use in your module handbooks and assignment briefs. Please read the University's policy on AI use and Academic Misconduct.