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Occupational Therapy: Writing & Reading Skills

Mae’r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Centre for Academic Success

The Centre for Academic Success offer a range of free online resources, available to all students. You can undertake as many as you like during your time at university. Our online courses cover the transition to university, study skills, academic integrity, reading, writing and maths and stats. 

Essential study skills

Essential Study Skills is a Canvas course packed full of interactive e-learning resources on academic reading, essay writing and other key study skills. Each resource is bite-sized and your progress is saved as you go along, so you can bolster your own skills, at your own pace.

Academic Success: Skills for learning, skills for life

Academic Success is a Canvas course designed to support you as you settle into university. The sections will help you to focus on your goals, gain an understanding of the core values of academic integrity and teach you vital new skills that you will need to succeed in higher education. They will also highlight all of the services that are available to if you need to get some help.

Writing a reflective essay

Part of the Essential Study Skills tutorial looks at reflective writing. Aimed at Nursing students, this tutorial acts as a guide to writing a reflective assignment using the Gibbs Reflective Cycle (1988). Sign up to the canvas module, click on Academic Writing and then click on Writing a reflective essay.

Critical Thinking

This course will develop your skills in this essential area of academic life by giving you frameworks for critically evaluating work and identifying bias as well as experience of analysing arguments, skills which are central to academic assignments across all disciplines.