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Systematic Reviews: Assessing quality of literature

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Key steps involved in critical appraisal/quality assessment

Step 1: Note the design(s) of the studies to be included in your review

Step 2: Identify the type(s) of quality assessment tool(s) to suit your review

Step 3: Source appropriate quality assessment tool(s)

Step 4: Carry out quality assessment using the appropriate tool(s)

Step 5: Tabulate and summarize the results of your quality assessment

Step 6: Think about how the quality assessment results might impact on the recommendations and conclusions of your systematic review

Recomended book chapter - Greenhalgh, J., & Brown, T. (2017). Quality assessment: Where do I begin? In A. Boland, M. G. Cherry & R. Dickson (Eds.), Doing a systematic review: A student's guide (2nd ed., pp. 107-130). Sage.

Books on doing critical appraisal/quality assessment