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SWML - South Wales Miners' Library: How to

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Help is at hand...

The Miners' Library staff are able to help you get the most out of the library resources...please just ask!

Borrow, Renew & Return

Borrower Entitlements - Entitlements for different categories of user are:

Staff 30 items 12 week loans
Postgraduates 30 items 12 week loans
Undergraduates 30 items (across all libraries) 4 week loans
External 5 items 4 week loans

N.B. Limited loan books and reservations are not available to readers from outside Swansea University.

Loan Periods - The normal loan period for books, periodicals (except the latest issue which is not borrowable) and audio-visual materials is four weeks, but if items are reserved by other readers, they will be recalled after one week.

Limited Loans - Some books in heavy demand have been put on limited Loan and may be borrowed for one week only.

REFERENCE ONLY - We have a large amount of books which are reference only. These can only be used in the library.

Self Service Machine

We have a self service machine in the issue desk area at the Miners' Library. You may borrow, return, renew or check your library account at this machine.


Photocopy, Print & Scan

There is a multi purpose photocopier/printer in the issue desk area. You may use this to copy, print and scan in Colour and B&W.

The cost of copies is: A4 B&W - 5p ; A4 Colour - 30p. A3 B&W - 10p; A3 Colour - 60p (A4 B&W back to back is 6p).

Top Up your student card

You can top up your student card online or at the Issue Desk.

Request, Recall & Automatic Renewals

If all copies of a book are out on loan, a request can be placed on iFind the library catalogue system, using your library card number. The book is then recalled from the current borrower and when it has been returned a notification to collect from the library is sent to you.

Automatic Renewals

  • Items on loan from the library will automatically renew unless they are requested.
  • Items will renew every month or week (for 1 week loans) unless a recall is placed on the item.
  • There will be an email alert when items are automatically renewed to let you know the new date they are due back.
  • Items which are less than a 1 day loan (ie short loan 6hrs.) are exempt and will not be automatically renewed.
  • Thesis are exempt and will not be automatically renewed.
  • External Borrowers are exempt from automatic renewals. 

Remember to request items you need. Automatic renewal of library books is great, but it does mean that if you need an item that is on loan to someone else you have to request it. If you don’t the loan could be extended. Requesting is simple and means that you should have to wait no longer than 7 days for the item that you need provided the customer returns the item on time.

IT & Study Spaces

As well as two dedicated computer rooms, there are several reading tables within the library. A large area for silent studying is situated in Room 3 on the groundfloor.


Library Facilities

Parking - Free parking is available in front of the Miners' library, as well as around the Emily Phipps building.

Wireless Internet - Wireless internet is available throughout the library. More information about how to register to the Swansea Wireless Service can be found at 

Computing - We have two computer rooms with Open Access computers available for students and visitors. Printing and scanning is available in both computing suites. The computer rooms are located on the groundfloor in Room 4 and upstairs in the loft area Room 16.

Audio and Video - We have a range of cassette recorders, TVs, video & DVD players, microfiche & microreel readers, projectors and screens all for use within the library.

Take a break - Unfortunately we do NOT have any vending facilities at the library, so if you have a day of study planned, please bring your own drinks and snacks, we have plenty of room for you to take a break.

Toilets & Lockers - The gents, ladies & disabled toilets are situated in the entrance area, as well as lockers which you can use with a £5 refundable deposit.

Pay Fines and Fees

You may pay your fines and fees at any library issue desk.  You can also pay by debit card over the telephone (not at SWML).