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Open Access: Training Resources

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The Portal

The FOSTER portal is an e-learning platform that brings together the best training resources addressed to those who need to know more about Open Science, or need to develop strategies and skills for implementing Open Science practices in their daily workflows. Here you will find a growing collection of training materials. Many different users - from early-career researchers, to data managers, librarians, research administrators, and graduate schools - can benefit from the portal. In order to meet their needs, the existing materials will be extended from basic to more advanced-level resources. In addition, discipline-specific resources will be created.

Use the links in the other boxes on this page to navigate to your chosen free training package (registration required).

About the Foster Portal

Unless otherwise stated, all materials created by the FOSTER consortium are licensed under a CREATIVE COMMONS ATTRIBUTION 4.0 INTERNATIONAL LICENSE.   


Open Access Publishing

Open Science Toolkit

Courses include:

  • What is Open Science? - This introductory course will help you to understand what open science is and why it is something you should care about.
  • Best Practice in Open Research - This course introduces some practical steps for opening up your research practices and how to meet expectations relating to openness from funders, publishers and peers.
  • Managing and Sharing Research Data - In this course, you'll focus on which data you can share and how you can go about doing this most effectively.
  • OSS and Workflows - This course introduces Open Source Software (OSS) and workflows as an emerging but critical component of Open Science.
  • Data Protection and Ethics - This course helps you to get to grips with responsible data sharing.
  • Open Licensing - This course helps you to find the best open license for your open research outputs.
  • Open Access Publishing - This course will help you become skilled in making your publications openly accessible in line with funders' requirements and in the wider context of Open Science.
  • Sharing Preprints - This course introduces the practice of sharing preprints and helps you to see how it can support your research.
  • Open Peer Review - This course will introduce you to OPR and let you know how you can get started with it.
  • Open Science and Innovation - This course will show you how Responsible Research and Innovation is accelerated through Open Science.

Open Science at the Core of Libraries

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