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Open Access: Publisher OA Deals and Discounts

Open Access Library Guide

Open Access Publisher Agreements and Discounts for Swansea University Researchers

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The Library has signed up to several deals with publishers that discount the cost of Open Access publication. The Library evaluates each transitional agreement (TA) but does not necessarily subscribe to all of the agreements. 

"TAs are contracts which gradually shift the basis of payments from an institution to a publisher from subscription-based reading to OA publishing services in a controlled manner."

Authors should  note that some learned societies and publishers also offer discounts to individual members. You may also be eligible to apply a subscribing institution discount by selecting 'Swansea University' if prompted from a list of institutions.

Author affiliation

Use of transformative agreements will be restricted to corresponding authors with a contract of employment at Swansea University. Transitional publishing agreements are capped and only limited funds are available to sustain them.

  • We do not approve papers for corresponding authors who are associate, honorary, or visiting members of staff unless there is relevant UKRI funding acknowledged on the paper or a substantial Swansea University contribution in the form of co-authors on the paper.
  • We do not approve papers for corresponding authors who are members of Swansea Bay University Health Board (SBUHB) who do not have a contract of employment at the institution.
  • We will consider approval for papers where Swansea University post-graduate students / early career researchers are listed as corresponding authors.
  • Ensure that you use your Swansea University email address and identify your affiliation in the publisher system.
MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute)

An Open Access publisher across all disciplines

  • Standard APCs: variable cost
  • Institutional Membership: 10% discount for all Swansea University corresponding authors

In the MDPI submission system, authors must select Swansea University to get a 10% discount. You will be asked to confirm if you are eligible for UKRI (RCUK) funding. If you are not eligible you will still receive the discount but will need to pay the APC from your own budget or grant.  

Publish Open Access with IOP


IOP Publishing (IOP), Jisc Collections and Swansea University Library Services have come to an agreement which enables researchers to publish their work on an open access basis at no additional cost in the majority of IOP’s hybrid journals. The agreement balances the cost of hybrid article publication charges (APCs) against journal license fees for 2020 onwards.

All corresponding (submitting) authors can publish in eligible journals open access without barriers, without additional cost, and be certain that they comply to any open access requirement. Eligible hybrid titles are available from this list.

Research articles and reviews (letters, papers, reviews and special issue articles) accepted for publication after 1 Jan 2020 are eligible, IOP will automatically identify qualifying articles and inform authors of their inclusion.

Included in the agreement are all subscription journals, owned by IOP Publishing, which offer a hybrid open access option. In addition, the agreement also includes selected journals which are published by IOP Publishing on behalf of our society partners.

How to take advantage of the agreement

1. Identify yourself clearly in the article submission form and the article itself
Use a Swansea University email address
Follow the IOP submission instructions 

Articles are published with a Creative Commons CC-BY licence at no cost to you. 
IOP Author Guide

Discounted APCs

Corresponding (submitting) authors at subscribing institutions can also benefit from a 70% discount on the standard APC of hybrid journals not included in the above list that are published with some of our partner societies. Please visit IOP for further details. This discount is not available for any journal that is funded by page charges or submissions fees.

SAGE has an agreement with WHEEL (Wales Higher Education Electronic Library) from June 2020 to December 2022.

The details of the discount agreement are as follows: 

Subscription journals
Corresponding authors publishing an article in 900+ subscription journals in the current SAGE Premier package which offers hybrid open access publishing (SAGE Choice) can be published open access at a highly discounted rate of 200 GBP

SAGE will contact all eligible authors to inform them of the agreement and invite them to the SAGE Open Access Portal to take any additional steps needed to make their article open access under the terms of this agreement. Authors will need to fund the discounted £200 OA fee independently unless the research is UKRI funded.

Gold open access journals 
Corresponding authors publishing an article in a gold open access journal are also entitled to a 20% discount on the prevailing article processing charge (APC) for that journal. This discount will be applied automatically in the SAGE Open Access Portal. Where an author is eligible for more than one discount, discounts cannot be combined but the highest discount available to the author will be applied to the APC due. Click here for the participating Gold journal title list.


To benefit:
Eligible corresponding authors should use their Swansea University email address in all applications.

  • The Author(s) can then accept or reject Open Access Publishing, and if selecting Open Access, digitally sign the publishing agreement. The Author(s) have 14 days to make the selection, otherwise the article will continue to be published in subscription format.

  • The Author(s) then select a billing method for the appropriate fee. They can pay directly by Credit Card or Invoice; or they can assign a third party bill-payer.
  • Authors will need to fund OA fee(s) independently.
  • Please note: this discount cannot be applied retrospectively (after the 14 days has elapsed).
  • Some titles are excluded from this agreement and are listed here.

SAGE Choice FAQs

PLOS Open Access Publication Fees
  (JISC deal January 2021) PLOS icon


From January 1 2021 until December 31 2023 publication fees for open access will be automatically covered by the flat fee publisher agreement with Swansea University Library for the following titles:

PLOS Computational Biology, PLOS Pathogens, PLOS Genetics, PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases and PLOS ONE.

To be eligible for full payment of publications fees, the corresponding author must be affiliated with Swansea University. Please ensure that you use your Swansea University email address and identify your affiliation in the publisher submission system, Editorial Manager. If your work is accepted for publication, PLOS check this field and ensure that benefits are applied to waive publication fees.

Each institution reserves the right to accept or reject applications for financial support. If an institution chooses to reject the payment for Article Processing Charges (APCs), PLOS will invoice the authors individually, who retain full payment responsibility.

  • All article types in the five eligible journals are covered under the flat fee deal.
  • Articles will be automatically published with a Creative Commons CC-BY Attribution license. PLOS articles are archived in LOCKSS and syndicated to PubMed Central/EuropePMC. PLOS requires data sharing where not subject to legal or ethical restrictions and has adopted the CRediT taxonomy.

PLOS Author Instructions - Flat Fee (How to...) 

PLOS Guide



PLOS Publishing FAQs

PLOS Flat Fee Agreements

Springer Open Access Agreement for UK authors
Institutional members are eligible to publish open access at no cost from selected titles

If you are affiliated with a participating institution, the UK Read and Publish (Springer Compact) agreement means you can publish your article open access - at no cost to you in more than 1,850 Springer hybrid (subscription) journals. Check the hybrid journal list on the Springer Compact webpage. It will open as an Excel spreadsheet download.

In addition, you can enjoy full access to all Springer subscription journal content. 
Established by Jisc and paid for by the Swansea University Library Service, this agreement will run through 31 December 2021.

Application Checklist

The corresponding author may apply using the Springer portal (My Publication) which will initiate an approval process between the university and the publisher.  This is applicable for article types: original paper, review paper, brief communication or continuing education. There is no need to complete a request via the Swansea University UKRI  APC online form.

1. The corresponding author should select the eligible institutional name (Swansea University).
2. The corresponding author should use their Swansea University email address to help us authenticate your application.

Quick Link

SpringerNature fully open access journals are not included in this package and an individual APC fee may apply. For individual journal APCs please see the journal webpage or consult the Springer Nature APC list

Publish Open Access with Wiley                                   
Swansea University Library Services
From March 2020 Swansea University is a participating UK institution in partnership with Wiley and the JISC Open Access Agreement for Institutions

Author's may publish articles in any of Wiley's fully Gold Open Access, or OnlineOpen hybrid (subscription) journals with no open access costs to the author *. This open access publishing agreement is limited to original research and review article types.

A list of Wiley's Open Access and hybrid subscription journals is available from the Open Access Author Dashboard together with access to an Author Compliance Tool so you can check if you meet your funder obligations.

To publish without having to pay additional Article Publication Charges (APCs), the corresponding author must be from a participating UK institution for articles accepted after 2 March 2020.
To be eligible:

  • Your manuscript must have been accepted on or after 2 March 2020You must be the corresponding author who is affiliated with a participating UK institution at the point of acceptance
  • You must publish open access in a fully gold OA journal or a hybrid (subscription) journal that offers OnlineOpen
  • If publishing in a hybrid (subscription) journal, you must order OnlineOpen at the point of acceptance by using the Wiley Author Services workflow 
  • As the Wiley Open Access Account holder, the Library Research Support team will authorise your request provided you meet the criteria. Please use a Swansea University email address to help us authenticate your application. We will contact you directly if we need additional information before approving your request. This agreement cannot be used to cover additional charges (e.g. cover, colour, and page charges), which individual journals administer separately
  • ​​​​​​​Please ensure that you acknowledge your funder and supporting data in the published article. This is a requirement for research articles supported by many funders, including UKRI

*subject to availability of sufficient funds and approval from eligible institutions' Wiley Open Access Account holders.

Quick Links:

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