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Open Access Support at Swansea University


Open Access (OA) provides free, immediate, online access to publicly funded scholarly research. Readers are permitted to read, download, copy and redistribute research outputs.  Open Access ensures that your research reaches a wide audience. 

Cronfa Swansea University's Repository                                                                                   Glossary of OA

Open Research - Swansea University

Swansea University promotes a culture of open research.  The aim of open research is to make the methods and results of research as open as possible, as early as possible. This increases the benefits and efficiency of research by allowing others to engage with and benefit from the results. We believe that making our research material as open will serve our public mission in the sharing of knowledge and will generate opportunities for collaboration and impact.

  • We expect researchers to make use of the university research information system and repository, Cronfa, to deposit publications where copyright and licence agreements permit, both to comply with funder requirements and to add to public knowledge. Postgraduate students are encouraged to make their thesis available in Cronfa. Researchers should set up an ORCID to allow their work to be easily identified and shared.
  • Research data is also an important part of open research and data should be made available where legally and ethically possible.
  • Metrics are increasingly used to monitor the impact of research. Swansea University is a signatory to DORA and aims to be open, transparent and fair in the use of metrics.

Swansea University recognises that open research is an evolving area and encourages initiatives such as sharing software, laboratory notebooks, open monographs and public engagement.