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Law: Finding Cases

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Finding Cases at Swansea University

At Swansea University you will have access to over UK 400,000 case reports (case law) dating back to 1220 right up to the present day in electronic and paper copy. A case report is a transcription of a court judgment in which a point of legal significance has been raised. Traditionally these case notes have been gathered together in series of individual law report publications such as The Weekly Law Reports (WLR). Nowadays huge collections of many of the various Law Report publications are available in large databases such as Westlaw UK and Lexis Library

You will soon notice that cases are each given a 'citation' to let you know where to find them, this normally includes an abbreviation of the law report series containing the case...

If you do not know what the abbreviation means simply go to Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations.Ths site will help you find the full title of the law report . You can then search for the Library location of the paper copy Law Report via the Ifind Library Catalogue. You may also choose to read an online version of the judgment in the case on Westlaw UK  or Lexis Library (both also available via the Ifind Library Catalogue. If you have any difficulty finding the case law you want, please contact your Law subject team at once.


Here are some examples of how case law is cited in the OSCOLA referencing style

The format is Case Name , Neutral Citation , Law Report Citation

Law Library Map- Law Reports in red area

UK Cases online

Most UK law reports are available online from either Westlaw UK or the Lexis Library. Westlaw UK provides the best starting point for England and Wales cases

Use the 'Cases' tab to search for reports by citation or party name.

Finding a Law Report

International Case Law

International Case Law from many jursidictions is also available in paper and electronic versions. Major sources include..

International Cases (Access from Westlaw UK- Choose Services - International Materials)

Click Sources - then choose Country