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iFind Reading: Information for Students

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Welcome to iFind Reading

iFind Reading makes it easy for you to access the course reading and resources that you need. 

  • You can search the reading list
  • You can filter the list by resource type and importance level
  • Export your Reading List as citations to a Word document or PDF
  • Collect references to materials you’re interested in and keep them in one place
  • Live availability information from iFind is included so you can see if a print book is available to borrow
  • Links to digitised resources
  • Links to e-Resources 

Interact with your Reading List

You can select the Tick next to the resource title to mark an item as read. 

Mark and read function

You can also make notes in the Private Notes field about the resource for future reference. 

You can recommend a resource to other List users by 'Liking' it, click on the title and select Like.
This allows other users to see which texts are particularly useful. 

You can also write a public note about the item here.

Like and comment function

You can add comments or questions to the Reading List or an individual item. 

When you select a Reading List or Item the Student Discussion option will appear in the right side navigation pane. 


You are able to Export Reading lists into a variety of file formats. 

Open the Reading List you require. 

Click on the ellipsis '...' and drop down the Export option, and select the required file type.

A pop up will appear asking you which Bibliographic style you wish to use to export the citations.

Select Export, and the file will download to your device. 

Recommend an item

You are able to suggest resources that you have found useful are added to a Reading List. 

To add a suggestion go to My Collection Page, search for the item, and under the ellipsis, choose Suggest this item

Suggest and item function
Select the appropriate reading list, and click Add Suggestion

Adding items from the Web

Cite it! is an easy way to add resources to your Reading Lists. 

You can add resources to your collection as you browse, and manage them later, including resources not available on iFind, such as YouTube Clips. 

To install the bookmarklet tool, click on your name in the top right corner of the Reading Lists screen and select Cite It

Then follow the instructions to drag and drop the Cite It! bookmarklet into your bookmarks/favorites bar. 

Cite it! bookmarklet popup

You will then see it appear in your bookmarks bar.

To add an item you are currently looking at to your reading list, click Cite It! on from your Bookmarks and a pop-up appears with the item’s details. (You may need to manually edit some fields if the source data is not complete)

Cite it pop up to add item to list

If the item is already available from the library, iFind Reading recognizes this and displays the “covered by your library” indication. This applies to both books and articles!

You can add the citation either to your collection in iFind Reading, making it available to add to your lists later; or directly to your reading list by clicking List and selecting the list, and then section within the list.

If you want to add this item to several lists click Add, and then repeat with another list; otherwise simply click Add and Close.

My Collection is your own personal library of citations. You can use My Collection to save resources that you would like to access later. These resources can be anything from a book, a journal article, a YouTube video, a webpage, etc.

You can access My Collection by selecting the My Collection tab on the Left side navigation panel. This button opens My Collection in the main part of your screen. Here you can add and delete items from your collection.

In My Collection, click on the Add Item button and do a Search to add items. You can also add items to My Collection using the Cite it button in your browser.

To keep track of the items in your personal collection, add tags to your readings and then filter by them. Tags and Private Notes in My Collection are private and will not be visible if the item is added to a Reading List. Any tag with more than one word needs to be joined by a hyphen or underscore.