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Health Informatics: Referencing APA (6th ed.)

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg

Managing your references

There are a wide variety of tools which are freely available to help you with citing and creating reference lists, however none of them are perfect which is why it is important you know the basics of referencing and the key points to be aware of.

Here are a few tools we recommend

You may also find the cite button in Google Scholar useful for a quick reference (click on the speech mark underneath the link in Scholar)

Academic Integrity

It is important you read the Swansea University Academic Misconduct Procedure. Failure to acknowledge another person’s work (i.e. properly citing it in a paper) will result in serious consequences. 

Plagiarism is defined as using, without acknowledgment, another person's work and submitting it for assessment as though it were one's own work; for instance, through copying or unacknowledged paraphrasing. This constitutes plagiarism whether it is intentional or unintentional. For additional advice on avoiding plagiarism complete the online tutorial Academic Success: Skills for learning, skills for life available via Canvas.

Medicine APA FAQs

Understanding a book reference

Here is an example of an APA style book reference

Kozier, B., Erb, G., Berman, A., Snyder, S., Harvey, S., & Morgan-Samuel, H. (2012). Fundamentals of nursing: Concepts, process and practice (2nd ed.). Harlow: Pearson.

This book was written by  B. Kozier, G. Erb, A. Berman, S. Snyder, S. Harvey, & H. Morgan-Samuel and published in 2012. The title is Fundamentals of nursing: Concepts, process and practice and it is the 2nd edition of this book.  The place of publication is Harlow and it was published by Pearson.

Understanding a journal article reference

Here is an example of an APA style journal article reference

Blann A. (2014). Why do we test for urea and electrolytes? Nursing Times, 110(5), 19-21.

This article was written by A. Blann and the article's title is Why do we test for urea and electrolytes?. It was published in 2014 in a journal called Nursing Times. It was published in volume 110, issue 5 on pages 19 to 21. Some articles will also have a Digital Object Identifier (doi) which is like a stable URL.

Online tutorials

How to alphabetise and format your reference list (30 second video)