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Geography: Referencing

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg


This page contains information and guidance to help you reference. Checking your work against a guide is a good way to get your references looking correct. Referencing is part of academic life and is used to give credit to others, avoid plagiarism and show what you have read.

APA referencing style

APA is one of the university preferred styles. It uses author and date in the article and an alphabetical list at the end. We offer a brief and full guide to help you use this system of referencing.


If you struggle with your referencing you may want to consider using reference management software like EndNote.

EndNote is software which helps you to store your references and format them in Word. You can download the software to use while you are a student or the online version is available from anywhere. The software version has more features and is not dependent on a good internet connection.

You can try working through our EndNote workbook to get you started using the software. You can access the EndNote workbook using the link below.



Mendeley allows you to collect, manage, share and use references you find in the course of your research. It can be used with Word to add citations and produce a reference list within a document. Mendeley has a web-based element that can be used with any Internet browser; however you need to use the desktop element to use the Citation PlugIn with Word. Mendeley is freely available.  Mendeley will:

  • share references with other Mendeley users
  • store full text PDFs within yur library and allow annotation
  • create bibliographies and 'cite while you write' (separate free plug-in required - not compatable with Word 365).

To find out more see the Mendeley libguide.


Zotero is a free open-source browser plugin.
Zotero library guide (an excellent tutorial by Jason Puckett: Georgia State University Library).

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