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Mendeley: Mendeley Online

Mendeley Online

To access Mendeley Online you need to register with Mendeley.  Registering will automatically create your Mendeley Online Library.  To export references into word you need to install Mendeley Cite.  This page looks at:

  • Registering with Mendeley
  • How to access Mendeley Online Library
  • How to install Mendeley Cite

Further information on how to navigate Mendeley can be found on the Mendeley Online workbooks and Mendeley instructional videos.  Mendeley Online syncs with the desktop version of Mendeley.


Go to

Mendeley homepage create account

  • Click on Create Account at the top of the screen
  • Click register and complete the online form.

When you are signing up to Mendeley, we recommend not using a Swansea University email address. You may get an an error message that begins "It looks like you are trying to sign in using your institution’s Shibboleth account."

Mendeley Library Online

When you register with Mendeley you automatically create an online library.

  • Go to

  • Click on Library at the top of the screen.


Mendeley Desktop workbook

Installing Mendeley Cite

You will also need to download the citation tool.

Click on Download Mendeley Cite.

Syncing the two versions

It is possible to use both versions and sync them together. 

  • Set up an online account
  • In the desktop version Go to Edit then Preferences.
  • Select the sync option and enter your online username and password.
  • Click the Enable sync button to activate your account

‚ÄčIf you already have references in one of your libraries it would be helpful to watch the tutorial video below first to make sure you don't get conflicts.