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The College: Journals

Why use journal articles

You may think you can get all the information you need from textbooks and websites, but it's a good idea to include  journal articles in your research too.

Journals are made up of collections of articles and publishes regularly on a continuing basis (usually weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually). A journal normally focuses on a specific topic. Journals provide information that is:

  • Timely – journals are published more often than books, as a result you will find up-to-date information in recent journals
  • Concise – articles in journals are shorter to read than books
  • Authoritative – articles are written by experts (either academics or professionals).  Peer reviewed journals contain articles which have been  examined and reviewed by the editorial board of the journal to ensure the research is sound, accurate and robust before the article is published.

Journals at Swansea University normally cover academic topics and we pay for you to have access to 1000s of journal titles across all subject areas.

Journal articles in iFind

iFind is a good place to start your search for your articles. To search for journal articles make sure that you select the 'articles & more' search option. 

Library Subject Guides

There is a Library Subject Guide for each subject taught at Swansea University. The subject Guides will tell you how to access the journal articles and other specialist information that you need for the subjects. 

Browse the Library Subject Guides here...

Finding Journal Articles

Finding Journal Articles Short Course

This short course provides an introduction to finding journal articles. Click the link below to launch the course.

Introduction to finding journal articles short course