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Eich Llyfrgellwyr / Your Librarians: Your Librarians

Your Librarians: Arts & Humanities


Hello, we are Bernie Williams, Siân Neilson, Dr. Ian Glen and Carine Harston and we are here to help with finding information, using databases, referencing or anything else to do with the library.

Your Librarians: College of Health & Human Sciences

Your Librarians: Medical School

Your Librarians: Adult Education (DACE)


Hello, we are the DACE Subject Support Team, and we are here to help you find all the information you need to support your studies. 

Left to right: Rhian Phillips, Mandy Orford, Caroline Crudge, Karen Dewick, Jo Waller, Sian Williams, Julie Came, Jonathan Davies

Please just ask any member of staff for help!

Your Librarians: Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law

L-R Sean Barr (Academic Liaison for Law and Criminology), Katherine Jones (Subject Librarian) Sian Neilson (Subject Librarian)

Your Research Librarians

Ellie Downes
Phone: 01792 295032

Online Chat: Between 14 - 17pm Every Thursday

Your Librarians: College of Engineering


The College of Engineering Library team are Alasdair, Giles, Allison and Philippa

Your Librarians: College of Science

Your librarians - Izzy, Elen, Susan, Stephen, Suzanne & Erika.

Your Librarians: School of Management

The School of Management Library team are Naomi, Philippa, Allison and Giles.

We are here to help you find information for your assignments and reference the information you use.

You can get in touch using the following contact details: